My most beloved place to see her … Fujisan … Shindotoge (進藤峠)

1 May 2015

Without sleeping, 2:30am., I’m heading from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko as my second time to see Fujisan from my most favorite spot, Shindotoge(進藤峠).(First time here)

Shindotoge is the panoramic view point in Kawaguchiko area. It’s on Happusan(破風山), Mt.Kurodake(黒岳). If you have experience in Kawaguchiko, it’s the mountain that you take ropeway at Kawaguchiko lake.

Why I love this place at most? At this spot, I can see my lovely Fujisan surrounded with small town, Kawaguchiko, and the whole Kawaguchi lake as well. It’s such a kind of perfect match. Not too natural and not too messy as seeing Fujisan from the big city. Fujisan, small town and the lake stay in harmony as it should.

So, I can really say that this is my most beloved spot to see Fujisan even I haven’t actually been through Fujisan view points so many places as Japanese Fujisan mania do.

My second time at Shindotoge, I can see another different view. Sky is more clear with almost transparent fog covering at lower part. If looking through Yamanakako on the left side, I also see thick fog covering whole Yamanaka lake 🙂

Right now, I’m waiting for my third time to say hi to Fujisan again here at Shindotoge 😀

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