Mitsutoge … The Moving Cloud

18 April 2015

One of the place that I can easily (not actually) enjoy Fujisan view is on Mitsutoge (三つ峠山). A mountain near by Kawaguchiko area which is able to trek up in many routes. One is directly from Mitsutoge station. Another one is from Kawaguchiko ropeway (Mt. Kachikachi ropeway). I choose the easiest way which is from the parking near by Tenkachaya (天下茶屋). It take around 2 hours to reach to the top of Mitsutoge and finally, fantastic view of Fujisan is waiting there.

On my traveling day, a lot of cloud is moving between me and Fujisan. I can’t explain here how amazing that I see in my eyes. I believe that my photos can’t also describe about it. I really want to climb up here again during winter when the whole Mitsutoge is covered with snow. I wish that day will arrive soon 😀

6 thoughts on “Mitsutoge … The Moving Cloud

  1. Stunning photos! I will have to make note of that mountain so that I can try to make time to trek to the top of it next time I am in the area.

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