Complete View of Japan : Chureito Pagoda, Sakura and Fujisan

12,16,18 April 2015

During mid of April, I’ve been to Chureito Pagoda three times in one week just to experience complete Japan view. On Sunday 12, I’ve just been moving around Kawaguchiko lake with my friends and end up at Chureito during evening time. Weather on that day is not that good. The best day is on Thursday 16. Sky and cloud are really beautiful to me unluckily that I’ve arrived there around 4 am and the place is already crowded with photographers. Finally, I attempt to be there again on Saturday 18. This time I’ve reached at midnight and just standing there waiting for the sun rise till early morning. Three times in a week sounds crazy but it’s really what I am. This view is what I want to see with my eyes once in my life.

Five storied Japanese style pagoda named Chureito surrounded with sakura fully bloom and the most beautiful mountain, Fujisan, standing behind. This is really my complete view of Japan 🙂

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