Year End in Shizuoka

19 December 2015


Before I come back to Thailand for new year 2016 holiday, I’ve been to the land of Fujisan again in Shizuoka


It is the first time I visit Yoshiwara here as I used to see photos from Japanese camera man and got excited from its landscape view.


Yoshiwara is the city located in the east side of Shizuoka and there is a small spot on the mountain that driving pass the tea plant is required. This spot I can see double V-Shape as mountain Fuji and mountains in foreground are aligned. It is really like virtual reflection of mountain Fuji when the sun rising.


One of the perfect moment here is this view with fog in between. I will attempt to be here again later till I can see fog. Weather forecast application is always ready on my smartphone 🙂


Moving out from Yoshiwara to Tokyo, I also have a chance to visit one of my favorite spot for Shinkansen and Fujisan.


My 2015 should be called happy ending with this landscape view? 😀


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