Late Autumn 2015 in Tokyo

9 & 12 December 2015


As mentioned about El-nino from previous blog, strange autumn color also affect Tokyo region this year.


Actually I have plan to take photo in another place today (will be posted in near future), however, I’ve found that even almost mid of December, autumn color is almost fully exist in Tokyo.


I visit Koishikawa Korakuen Garden where is the most favorite place for autumn color in Tokyo during weekday. It is not too crowded and I have more time to stroll around the garden till early afternoon.


Autumn color is there but it’s not so beautiful as previous year. Momiji (Maple) condition is pretty weird. Anyway, autumn and its color is still one of my lovely season.


I visit Korakuen Botanical Garden in another day. Name of the garden is almost the same because they are located in the same district. This place is having less visitor even it’s on weekend and feel more natural than Koishikawa Korakuen. It is just different scenery, however, they are both lovely as always 🙂


I might not have chance to see autumn color in 2016 due to coming back to Thailand. Eventually, I insist to find a chance for this beautiful season again in Japan 😀


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