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Fujisan and Dinosaurs

9 December 2015 Late autumn sight seeing in the morning, I move to Tokyo Disney Sea in the afternoon. I haven’t entered Tokyo Disney Sea ,however, I walk along sea shore behind Tokyo Disneyland instead. From here, looking to the west, at 5 kilometres, Tokyo Gate Bridge (It’s […]

Dawn of Takabocchi

03 October 2015 As usual for my lovely mountain photos, I move from Tokyo at midnight directly to Nagano. The destination is one of my most beautiful places for Fujisan sight-seeing where is Takabocchi, the mountain near to lake Suwa in Nagano prefecture. When I reach to the […]

Mother Farm in Chiba

30 April 2012 In long holiday period called ‘Golden Week’ in Japan, I visited this hugh farm in Chiba. Unfortunately, the day I went was very cloudy and no strawberry as well 😦 (It just started raining season period here and my friend already call me Ame-Otoko [Rainy […]