Doctor Yellow at Tokyo Station

6 December 2015


I’m standing on Tokyo station Shinkansen platform 17 waiting for one of the most favorite train.

Doctor Yellow, Shinkansen’s nickname used as special propose as Shinkansen system monitoring (that’s why it’s a doctor 🙂 ), is coming to stop by platform 19 preparing to move to Hakata, Fukuoka.

Many of train manias are also waiting around to see their lovely train. I think most of Japanese people love this train as well.

I used to see the schedule for this train on unofficial Japanese website created by train mania here even it’s unknown for most of the people when it will run for checking the system. There are also a bunch of creative images from Japanese camera men along the route from Tokyo to Hakata. They are really awesome photos and I’m truly respect their imagination.

As most of the Doctor Yellow schedule is likely to run during weekdays, I always try to find a chance to meet this train and finally found here at Tokyo station … my lovely train 😀


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