Sea Sand (Fuji)San

5 December 2015


Winter has been starting after severe autumn color in Japan.


As usual, nice weather day is the day for Fujisan and this time I move to Sagami bay near to Kamakura and Enoshima till Jogashima (Miura), South part in Kanagawa.


Fujisan with Enoshima island is always lovely. This famous Kanagawa island is like locating on the right place. The location I take photos is a bit further from Enoshima where is Zushi Marina in Yokosuka area.


Moving south to the most ended part, a small island named Jogashima is not that famous for Fujisan sight seeing I think. It might be because of too far. Anyway, my world is opening a bit further with the view 🙂


Sea, Sand and Fujisan (actually Rocks also) make my day complete again with happiness 😀


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