Autumn in Oirase Stream, Aomori

24-25 October 2015

Choshi-Otaki Falls

My weekend during autumn is about to find a nice place for my hobby as photography.

Tsutanuma Swamp

Towada area in Aomori prefecture is one of the best destination to see autumn color especially around Oirase stream.

Tsukinuma Swamp

I take the whole weekend time just to stroll along Oirase stream and Tsuta Bird Sanctuary. Most of the time is raining, however, the environment make me refresh from city work as good as it is.

Tsutanuma Swamp

Tsuta area is having a group of swamps where you can walk around and enjoy autumn color. This place is not too crowded as Oirase area and it just take a few minute bus to each place. If you want to visit Tsuta area, just stop by Tsuta-Onsen bus stop from Aomori station.

Oirase Stream

Walking along Oirase stream is really amazing. Bus is good option to connect the dot if I feel a bit exhausted in my legs. Autumn color with the river stream keep me enjoy for the whole route till the time I need to get back Tokyo.

Oirase Stream

Till we meet again, Oirase.

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