Dawn of Takabocchi

03 October 2015


As usual for my lovely mountain photos, I move from Tokyo at midnight directly to Nagano.


The destination is one of my most beautiful places for Fujisan sight-seeing where is Takabocchi, the mountain near to lake Suwa in Nagano prefecture.


When I reach to the view point, strong wind is waiting for me. Even this period is still consider the most ended of summer but the weather on the mountain is totally different. My hands are almost paralysed by the wind flowing. Anyway, it’s worth standing there waiting for the sun rise till I can capture this above photo. Lake Suwa in foreground under thick cloud is still shining with city light. On the right side, the second highest mountain as Kitadake is standing with the highest one, Fujisan.


Sky has brighten already in the early morning. It’s time for next move with a cup of hot coffee. Nice sky in this morning make me reach to one of the most beautiful castle in Japan which is Matsumoto castle. However, the cloud at the horizon is too much to see Japan alps behind the castle.



After the castle, the long distance has begun through Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. The long expressway across Tokyo Bay from Kisarazu in Chiba prefecture to Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture. There is the diamond Fujisan looking from Umihotaru, the artificial island on the bay. Unluckily, the sky is not allowed me to see the diamond from here.


Finally I still call this day as one of my photographic happiness day as I can open my world vision even just a little bit 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dawn of Takabocchi

  1. hello. I will be going to Japan and would like to head up to Takabocchi soon. We will be driving; do i just drive up to Takabocchi Highlands? or Do we need to trek/hike?
    It will be very good if you have a map (:

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