Fujisan and The City of Hadano

12 October 2015

Tomorrow(2/23) is Fujisan day!!!


I love Fujisan at first sight starting when I was young and living in my home country, Thailand. I always see pictures on the wall presenting Japan with mountain Fuji view. This mountain look very unique and outstanding from its environment.

Till last 11 years ago when was my first trip to Japan and I saw the real her, I did really love her more than I thought. 🙂

My memo is also running to the day I visited Fujisan at Hadano city in Kanagawa prefecture.The place is on Koboyama park where is not that far from the city center. A little cloud is moving to hide her from me but not success. Fujisan is still shining with evening sun and Hadano city light.


It’s such a wonderful day of mine 😀

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