My Tokyo Sakura 2015

From last sakura, I’ve lived in Tokyo till new Sakura season comes again.

This year Sakura is even earlier and the weather is also even worst than last year. Salary man like me only have chance during weekend to enjoy Sakura season in Tokyo. Anyway, I still can find time slot to see the most beautiful flower, not because of its shape, as Sakura in 2015 again.

Chidorigafushi is the most ‘Tokyo’ Sakura place. Why? Just because this place has Sakura with Tokyo Tower view. It’s really Tokyo for me. Travelers who come to enjoy Sakura season here will not be disappointed as I guarantied 🙂

Naka-Meguro station along Meguro river is also one of the most famous place in Tokyo. I love to enjoy the season in this place more than one of famous place like Ueno park. At Naka-Meguro, it’s very crowded, however, the environment here is quite minimal and relax, not like in the dense city area. Another main reason is, along Meguro river, Sakura view is very beautiful both day time and night time.

Asakusa at Senso-ji temple, this place is always crowded with Japanese and travelers especially during Sakura season. This temple is also one of Tokyo symbol as you might be able to see in many Japan tour posters.

Ueno, the most crowded place for Sakura season in Tokyo. I rarely come to Ueno park during Sakura season. One of the reason is, many times, the weather doesn’t allow me to come and this park is too crowded T T

Sakura with Tokyo Skytree view near to Sumida river is also nice. Japanese come here to enjoy Hanami in the park and I feel that they really love it. This is one of the reason that why Sakura is one of the most beautiful flower. It gives life, it gives a sign of change, it is culture, it is more than just a flower and it is Japanese 🙂

Kinuta park, as I said last year, I always come to this park every time I stay in Tokyo during Sakura season. It’s very near to my apartment actually. This park is calm, especially in the morning, not crowded and I can enjoy Sakura in the whole morning before moving to work 😀

I don’t know when I will be able to see my most beautiful flower, Sakura, again because I will leave Japan on June, 2015. I only can say that Japan, Sakura, Train and Fujisan will always remind me to come back here to visit them again anytime I have chance … Just say goodbye to say hello again … my Sakura 😀

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