Steam Locomotive and The Cranes

7-8 March 2015

Last turn before spring, I have to do something that I wish I could have to for a period.

One week before these days, I’ve decided to book the ticket and hotel in Kushiro, Hokkaido where I really need to see Japanese cranes.

During this time, train mania like me also have chance to see one of the classic train in Japan. It’s steam locomotive train named SL Fuyu-no-Shitsugen (C11 171) running on the track of JR Senmo line.

This weekend, the weather in Kushiro is not really good. My flight from Tokyo is almost canceled and even my direct flight back from Kushiro has been already canceled. I have to fly to Sapporo first for connecting flight to Tokyo as ANA help me manage this (Thanks ANA 🙂 ).

But I really have to go. The train and the cranes are waiting for me. I’m finding the place to see the train by myself where is near to Kayanuma and Toro stations.It’s one of the best time in my life to see SL train running through the snow with smoke on it. (More information about this SL train : )

Japanese crane (Tancho) is one of my destination for this trip. The place to see Japanese cranes are fixed. Most of the people come to observation center, Tsurui ito Tancho Sanctuary and Otowa Bridge in the early morning.

On the first day I used most of my time to find a few places for SL train sightseeing then on the second day ,my last day in the trip, is for red crown cranes

Weather on this day is really bad. Heavy snow is everywhere in Kushiro during morning. Anyway I still can see crane in another beautiful way. Cranes stay with theirs couple till the end of their life, so, to see a couples in my photo is really good enough for my greatly memorable experience. At least, I can manage to stand still and watch Japanese red crown cranes at Otowa bridge and Tsurui ito Tancho Sanctuary for the whole Sunday morning.

Kushiro is very nice city. I truly love this place so much. I just wish that my next time to visit here will be in very near future 😀

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