Spectacular Fujisan at Nihondaira

14 February 2015

After taking a rest from Yamanakako during lunch time, I move across to another side of Fujisan in Shizuoka prefecture. The destination is one of the most spectacular scenic Fujisan called “Nihondaira”.

Seeing Fujisan from the hill at Nihondaira is also considered one of complete scene in Shizuoka. It is because you can see tea plant in foreground, port and sea with city of Shizuoka in the middle and of course, Fujisan standing spectacularly behind.

I can’t find the right place to take photo from the hill. The environment has been changed a little bit but it is a big matter. There are a lot of small electric poles in front of tea plant which are quite annoying in the photo so I decide to crop them out. It must not be my last time to visit here in Nihondaira 🙂

Anyway … completely beautiful Nihondaira and my lovely mountain Fujisan over there are still in my mind 😀

4 thoughts on “Spectacular Fujisan at Nihondaira

  1. What is the most beautiful place you’ve seen? I always find this hard to answer. Just wondering! Excellent post!

  2. Thanks for the great photo. It brings back many happy memories of living in Shizuoka and visiting Nihondaira often, both in the daytime and at night and seeing this great view

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