Winter is Leaving : Fujisan before Spring

14 February 2014

Valentine’s day. I’ve been to my lovely place to see my lovely mountain before the end of winter.

Fujisan from Motosu area especially Fumotopara is very peaceful, calm and beautiful. It’s highly recommended in the very early morning. There is no light from the city and no messy things bothering your eyes excepts pure nature. I start the day with pleasure in my mind with this view.

Moving to Motosu lake at one thousand yen view, I can’t manage to reach to the destination because when I’m on the way to Motosu, there are a lot of Japanese photographers standing along the road in Asagiri. They are waiting for the diamond. Yes, the Fujisan Diamond. It makes me sudden stop right there and start shooting again waiting for the sun rising up behind my lovely mountain.

The sun is rising too high on Motosu lake. The ray of the sun removes a little bit of calm feeling overthere already. So, next destination is where I desire to come here in Yamanashi today. It’s direct Fujisan view at Yamanaka lake with snow, a lot of snow. Half of Yamanaka lake is covered by ice. It is one of the best Fujisan view during winter.

Because today is Valentine’s day. Photo of lovers is a must for this topic as well. Here below is the lovers from Yamanaka lake 🙂

I finish taking photos in Yamanashi before afternoon however I still have one place to go during evening. Just keep waiting for the next blog 😀

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