Symbol of Japan : Fujisan & Shinkansen

1 February 2015

This day is very nice weather day. I’ve decided to go one place in Shizuoka where I can capture one of the best Japan symbol. This place is easy to reach by JR Tokaido line to Fujikawa station and just take a short walk around 20 minutes.

No wonder that it is Shinkansen with Fujisan in the background. It’s quite a complete symbol when everyone who see will completely know in the twinkle of an eye … It’s Japan!!!

Fujisan in Shizuoka is nice. On the clear sky day, whole day, you can enjoy Fujisan view with photo taking. It should be because angle of the sun and location of Shizuoka is totally matched.

In the evening, I still have time to see her from another spot. Fujian in Shizuoka should have tea plant within the photo. Between Iriyamase and Fujine station, there is a small spot above Shin-Tomei Expressway. I can see Fujisan in one of complete Shizuoka as well.

Tea plant, Messy city with factory and Expressway on the foreground with Fujisan standing beautifully behind … It is Shizuoka 😀

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