Tokyo Two Towers during Year End

13-14 December 2014

During end of the year, I think almost every where in the world, it is the time of colorful.

In Tokyo, If you come across to Odaiba and look through Tokyo city in the evening, you will see Rainbow Bridge lighten up with rainbow color (normally it’s white).

Behind the, my lovely tower, Tokyo Tower, is standing prominently at the centre of this big city.

With sky, rainbow and light from the city, it fulfils my day. Such a beautiful day. 🙂

Another majestic tower which is Tokyo Skytree, it’s also lighten up with red color during Christmas. To capture all of its color with in a year is quite impossible for worker like me who stay in the west side of Tokyo.

Any time I have a chance, I have no reluctance to bring my camera out for my wonderful day 😀

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