Gorgeous Fujisan from South of Izu

23 December 2014

Last post I was talking about my first photo of 2015. This blog I will write a diary about my last photo in 2014 journey.

On the day, I have chance to go to Izu in Shizuoka prefecture. In the evening, I move to the most south part of Izu to enjoy Fujisan view. This place is near to Kumomi Auto Camping Ground and it’s quite hard for foreigner like me to visit here so frequent.

I can say from my whole tiny life experience that Fujisan from here is one of three gorgeous viewpoints I used to visit. The first one is from Shindotoge and the third one is from Kitadake. This place I give it as a second 🙂

When I reach to the spot, I almost forget to put my camera tripod on the ground and bring my camera up. It is very magnificent view and I can’t afford to find any word or sentence to describe this place anymore.

Even the weather is not that nice, I remind myself that I should capture this moment into my camera memory.

I will not forget my lovely Fujisan from here … South of Izu.

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