Fujisan View Point from Satta Pass

12 January 2015

I’ve just come back from 2 week vacation in Thailand. After I landed at Narita airport then arrived my apartment around 9AM, my friend come to pick me up and move directly from Tokyo to Shizuoka. The place where my 2015 first image in Japan has been happened.

Shizuoka is the land of Fujisan. One of the most famous Fujisan view point is in the photo near to Satta Pass where composed of Tomei Expressway, Fuji-Yui By-pass and also Tokaido main train line. This place used to be depicted by Hiroshige in the famous series of drawings called ‘The fifty-three stations of the Tokaido road’. It’s a very gorgeous ancient picture.

During evening, light trail from cars and trains will draw the line to Fujisan dragging your eyes to follow. It is such a beautiful place as it is.

I forget how exhausted I am from the long flight during night time after I started putting my camera tripod on the place 😀

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