Himeji Castle – The Forever White

8 May 2015

After renovated for several years, Himeji castle (姫路城, Himejijō), the world heritage, has been fully re-opened again to public since March 2015.

Actually, I have planed and already booked the hotel in Kansai during sakura season. Unluckily that salary man in Japan like me could travel during weekend only. Also sakura period this year is full of rain on weekend. Finally, I’ve decided to cancel my hotel booking in Kansai during sakura season 😦

I come back here again in Kansai region on Golden week. It is a time that I should come to see, Himeji Castle, the most beautiful castle in Japan.

It is absolutely beautiful. White castle … standing without losing for its whole life. Inside the castle also has a lot of interesting things just like a big museum. I used to visit Matsumoto castle which is also very beautiful in opposite way. It is black and respectful looking. Himeji castle is just like an attractive and impressive woman, besides also looking influent.

I wish that once in my life, I will come back here again on sakura season. Beautiful Himeji with Sakura must be the forever white in my mind 🙂

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