Good Evening Tokyo (Tower)

26 April 2015

Today (17 August 2015) I’m writing this memo because I feel very exhausted from my work. One thing I like to look when I have less energy driving my day is Tokyo Tower.

Nowadays, a new tower has been risen in the east side of Tokyo like Tokyo Skytree. Taller, bigger and more colorful of the new tower still can’t fill in my energy like Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower is really my true beloved tower in Japan. Once you feel tired, I recommend you better try looking for Tokyo Tower from somewhere (of course if you are in Tokyo). The best place for me is exactly under the tower itself. I insist that feeling of energy will flow to your mind as power for your next day 🙂

Tokyo Tower photos here are about to look from World Trade Center Building at Hamamatsucho Station. It is one of an amazing place in Tokyo right? 😀

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