Fujisan Entering to the Summer

15 June 2014

Very early morning at 4am, I go back to one place that I used to miss Fujisan view during last March. This place is called Shindotoge (新道峠). The place where you can see whole Kawaguchiko and lovely Fujisan stand in the background.

I attempted here last time and couldn’t manage to reach the view point because the path was full of snow. After taking a walk around 1 hour from the end of the road where a car can be moved, on that place, another 10 minute walk was needed to reach the view point but it’s too dangerous then I had to give up. But this time, car can be moved till the end of the road.

At 4am, don’t think it’s too early for June. Sun has risen a bit already and even this time I can manage to see Fujisan from Shindotoge but it’s too late to capture the light from small town around Kawaguchiko. I hope when the snow start falling to the top of Fujisan this year, I will be there again.

Apart from Shindotoge and moving to the new location where is near to Kawagushiko as well, this place is called Mitsutoge (三つ峠山). Between Shindotoge and Mitsutoge, trekking route is connected the places.

Before going back to Tokyo for taking a rest after restless night, Shojiko is last destination just to get fresh from drink and surrounding environment. A smalest lake in Kawaguchiko five lakes but you will see a lot of Japanese come to have activities here.

Fujisan in June is the time of entering to the summer. We will see this mountain in different colour as usual. It looks more green and less snow on top. On July, real summer without snow, Fujisan climbing is normally opened for everyone and I wish one day I will walk to see the view from top of it.

Anytime I travel to see my beloved mount Fujisan, I always say, see you again soon … Really soon 😀

4 thoughts on “Fujisan Entering to the Summer

  1. This is really beautiful. Could You please explain where that is? I can’t find Shindotoge. Thank You!

    1. It’s mountain near to Kawaguchi lake where can be reached by trekking or car.

      I think this place is not famous for foreigners but if you search by Japanese word, you may see a lot of information.

      Google translate might help 🙂

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