Saitama Railway Museum, I Love It!!!

11 May 2014

Time to visit more museum and this time is my most favorite one which is railway museum in Saitama

Not that far from Tokyo to Omiya station in Saitama, the railway museum is 1 station next where it’s located at Tetsudohakubutsukan station by shuttle train from Omiya. More information is in the web site :

One big room in history zone is showing legendary trains in Japan and I stay here quite long enjoying my lovely trains.

Same room on the second floor, long history of Japan railway is there. Since 1860 till present, everyone will know how very big transportation system as train has been developed.

Other areas are fun to visit as well. Learning zone and collection zone are contained many rooms such as train parts, train control room, library, exhibition room and train energy system information room.

Outdoor part is like fun park. I’ve seen a lot of children enjoy on the train ride and playground.

Last one is like my fun park. I’m immersed in panorama deck with 360 degree view on the top floor here to see Shinkansen running.

5 hours passed, I can say that this museum is highly recommended in Japan. I hope, someday, my country will be consisted of this superb transportation system as well.

Every success in present needs a great history right? 😀

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