Kokia – a little bush in Ibaraki Hitachi Kaihin Park

19 October 2013

Early morning heading to Katsuta station where located in Ibaraki, Japan which my destination is to see Kokia in red color. The very big place that the big bunch of a little bush have been planted is called Hitachi Kaihin park. It can be reached by 20 minute bus from the station.

Kokia in summer is green colour then when the autumn come, it changes to red colour and dries in brown during winter time. It may not be that much interesting if the Kokia is alone in the pot but when it gathering together in the garden, Kokia is very beautiful especially in red 🙂

Actually I was almost a bit late because the time I visited this park, Kokia was not in fully red anymore. It was a bit dry on top already (luckily time is still waiting for me 🙂 )

Autumn already comes to in Japan and I’m also ready for my next destination here. 😀

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