Walk in Japan

Nihon Minkaen – Japan Open-air Folk House Museum in Kawasaki

21 September 2013

Just only 20 minutes on express Odakyu train from Shinjuku to Kawasaki (Noborito St.) plus 20 minutes on foot or less by bus, one of the best museum in Japan I’ve ever seen is there called Nihon Minkaen.

Nihon Minkaen is the open air museum which is about folk in each region of Japan during Edo era. Folk house from each place gathering one in the place and the good thing is they also have explanation in English.

I’m really amazed that how Japanese create this kind of museum and they maintain it very well. The place is arranged in very good shape and if you come here, it’s just like you are walking in the big beautiful park.

All I can say is this place is a must for museum lover 🙂

Today in Japan is still hot for me after long walking but Kanto is keep cooling down and I’m waiting for autumn and winter to come 😀

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