and then we meet again … Nikko

3 November 2013

Long weekend in Japan then I decided to go Nikko again after 3 years (last year my blog about Nikko got freshly pressed 🙂 ).

Because it’s a long holiday and it seems to be the right time for Japanese people to go on vacation, traffic in Nikko was very high on Sunday and I had to take 4 hours from Tobu-Nikko station to Hotel near by Chuzenji lake 😦

On the first day I have only a few hours before sunset to walk around the lake and also to the Kegon waterfall. Autumn colors here are always nice to see. My brain and my mind can be refreshed after long working day by just walking around this place with very beautiful scenery 😀

Raining in the morning on the second day, I decide not to go for Akechidaira ropeway and also be afraid of traffic when I move back to the station. So, the world heritage is the target on this day.

Whole day sight seeing the world heritage is such a pretty day. Tosho-gu shrine and Rinno-ji temple are full of tourists as always.

I come back here again and I think it will not be the final round. Nikko is one of the most beautiful place in Japan. Who need to visit Nikko only once? Not me 😀

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