Torii in The Sea … Oarai, Ibaraki

17 May 2015

This day is such a cloudy day. I decide to go somewhere a bit far away from Tokyo to Oarai in Ibaraki prefecture just to see one of amazing place.

This place is called Isosaki-jinja Shrine where is having 3 torii(s) (Japanese Shinto Gate). How amazing is one of the gate called Kamiiso no Torii which is standing on the coast facing splashing strong wave on every single day.

This Shrine was founded more than thousand years ago and I wonder why/how the builders put one of Torii on that coast.

I was standing there taking photos for the whole morning then comeback again during evening. Actually, sunrise must be very beautiful with Kamiiso no Torii, however, the day is too cloudy …

… Sometimes strong waves can remind me of peace in my mind 🙂

More information about this shrine here

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