Shibazakura and Simply Fujisan

1-2 May 2015

After moving around Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes) on the first day, I end up at Shibazakura festival near to Motosu lake where I visit a few times here already.

I can say that, all of the times I’ve never seen pink moss garden with complete Fujisan. It’s always cloudy. Also this time when I arrive, I almost couldn’t see mountain Fuji because big group of clouds are moving into the festival area.

Shibazakura festival here is always during golden week every year. Crowded are expected absolutely but it should not be that cloudy (I always can only hope 😦 ).

In the evening, I move back to Kawaguchiko to take a rest in hotel with superb view of Fujisan. Nice food and good view recharge me my energy as they always do.

Morning comes to early and I have to head back to tokyo for next destination during long holiday … Simply Fujisan comes out to say ‘good morning’ for me here at Kawaguchiko.

See you again soon my beloved mountain 😀

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