Season Change in Kyoto 2014

22-24 November 2014

Time for season change. Time to travel again to take my memory.

Kyoto, where I always love to visit. This is the fifth time i’ve been here and second time for autumn color. This place is really complete Japan autumn color environment.

During I visit, it’s long holiday weekend and also the peak time for autumn color here in Kyoto. So it’s expected that will be very crowded.

AS expectation, there are very long queues in every famous temple. So if you are foreign traveler, you should plan to visit here on the weekdays during peak season.

This time, I didn’t plan in advance for the route. My mind just said that I have to go and need to get relaxing time here.

On the first day I arrived, I head to the east side of Kyoto to the first place where is on of the most famous temple as Kiyomizu-dera. This placed is very crowded. Everyone enjoys autumn color as usual.

Eikando temple is the next destination. Japanese style temple with very large garden to immerse in autumn color is waiting for me.

Late evening, during autumn to winter, sun will be set around 5PM. It’s time to prepare for tomorrow where I plan to go to Arashiyama in early morning. My time to enjoy here. Sitting by the river and taking a rest for the whole morning are releasing my city stress.

Walking to Tenryuji temple through bamboo forest is a must route. It’s always very nice to be here.

In Tenryuji temple are also crowded. I can just flow following with all travellers. It’s not walk I can say 🙂

From here in Arashiyama area, there is a tram to the destination near to the most famous temple in Kyoto, Kinkakuji. The golden pavilion which looks awesome with red color of autumn.

Early afternoon, I try to cross from west to east side of Kyoto again to Tofukuji temple. Since I’ve seen people at Tofukuji station, I change my destination directly next one station to Fushimi-Inari before sunset again this day.

As fifth time in Kyoto, overtime I have to visit Fushimi-Inari where is my most like place in Kyoto. It’s hard to tell why but I’m just feeling well when I walk pass each Torii gate to the top of the mountain. I only can finish to the top for only 2 times. Not this time, it’s too crowded to walk easily.

Evening time must be in Gion. It’s near to my hotel and very lively during evening.

Last day here before I go back to work in Tokyo, I run away from Kyoto to next famous place, Nara.

Todaiji temple is a must to visit. It’s Nara sign as it has so many dears here and yes … Momiji.

Before going back to Kyoto for Shinkansen, I still have time to visit another side of Nara. It’s not that famous place for traveler and I also never plan to go. AS first time I visit, it’s a small temple in a peace corner of this city. Toshodaiji temple is very calm and beautiful.

There is a sightseeing route before end up at the train station to Kyoto. Between the route, there is also one beautiful temple where is Yakushiji temple.

Finished my autumn color trip in Kyoto. the second most famous period in Japan as Sakura is the top season one. If you are traveler, you should plan the day for season sight seeing during weekdays. Less crowded will be easy for traveling.

It’s such a long memo here as it’s 3 day traveling. I’m always excited to my next destination because journey will never be ended. 😀

3 thoughts on “Season Change in Kyoto 2014

  1. Fantastic post bbut I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very grateful iif you could elaborate a little biit more.
    Thannk you!

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