Traveling to Kansai Autumn 2015

22-23 November 2015


As I said in previous blogs about how awful autumn in Japan 2015 due to el-nino, I rarely see beautiful autumn color in the area from this trip. Momiji(Maple) leaves start falling or drying when many of them are still green on the trees.


Anyway, I still can complete one of my goal which is traveling to the far side of Wakayama. Nachi no Taki waterfall (the tallest waterfall in Japan) standing behind Seigantoji pagoda is one of my Japan dream sightseeing. Kumano Nachi Taisha is actually easy to go but it is just too far.


Turning head directly to Kyoto in the evening, I still have time in very long line to Kiyomizu-dera. Illumination during my visiting is showing yellow color of momiji. Sadly it’s not red as I expected.


After taking a night rest, very early morning is the time for Arashiyama. It is what I thought. Autumn color in Arashiyama area also awful. Same day plus one year, the color is totally different.


At least I can take photos of bamboo forest during early morning without tourists. My autumn trip to Kansai this year is not too bad.


Hopefully, I will come back here again in 2016 with beautifully autumn color as I’ve seen in the past 😀


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