After 3 years … Takao Autumn Hiking

24 November 2013

Come back here again in Takao after completely 3 years.

Takao is the mountain in Tokyo with very nice city and Fujisan view point. This is the reason why it’s one of the most favorite hiking place for Tokyo people.

During this time, autumn color is also here in Takao. When I arrived in early morning, this place is already crowded and I have to wait in very long line for cable car (no energy to walk actually hahaha).

Walking and hiking around with plenty of Japanese people up to the top of Takao, even I feel a bit tired on my leg but my mind is fully fresh with the weather and the color of autumn as always. Fujisan also show herself from the top of Takao that is very nice weekend for me 🙂

The way back to the train station also need very long wait but Takao, hiking and dango are reminding me to come back here again in the future … Yes, I will come back 😀

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