Tokyo Motor Show 2013 – Energy will be more efficiency

23 November 2013

This very huge event will be held in every 2 years and this time is at Tokyo Big Sight where you can find almost all big events here.

It’s also my first time to join Tokyo Motor Show and I’m quite excited what will be different than my country motor show.

Crowded everywhere. People here is much more than any other events I used to join. I can just flow following people haha 🙂

Tokyo Motor Show 2013 try to show future of the car that it will come with new energy consumption technology. More efficiency, more green and helpful to support mankind.

The car I love the most in this event is not and electric or hybrid car but It’s Nissan IDx Freeflow which looks very classic one and it also comes in Nismo version. Other brands like BMW and Mini are also my favorite.

Future of transportation you can see in many of concept cars here and one day, they will be one in your garage 😀

Tokyo Motor Show 2013 will be shown at Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba till December 1.It’s quite interesting to see one of our future there. Don’t miss it if you are in Tokyo 🙂

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