2 Days 2 Lakes and Again … Kawaguchiko

1-2 October 2012

Again I visited Kawaguchiko. (My first time in Kawaguchiko here )

This time I took 2 days walking around 2 lakes (Kawaguchiko and Yamanakako) and 1 night to stay in ryokan next to Kawaguchiko.

First day was for Yamanakako. On the bus from Kawaguchiko to Yamanakako, then , I started walking full round of this lake and I made it 🙂

A bit luck that this time I could see my lovely shy Fujisan that almost covered by clouds in the evening time.

Around 6PM I have to run for the bus to Kawaguchiko because my dinner in ryokan will be end at 8PM. Then at night I had the best relax time in Japan by staying in big and best environment ryokan here 🙂

Second day, it was the time for Kawaguchiko. this day was even worse than the day before because my Fujisan had totally gone behind the big cloud 😦

Kawaguchiko is quite an challenging place that encourage you to come back any time you want just to see the most beautiful landmark in Japan … Fujisan 😀

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