Hiraizumi the world heritage

29 September 2012

Last move in Tohoku area for my big trip before moving south.

Hiraizumi is a bit far from Sendai where is located in Iwate. 15 minute bicycle ride from Hiraizumi station, the beautiful world heritage is waiting.

Because I had to take Shinkansen back to Tokyo in the early evening at Sendai so I have only a little time to take photos before riding back to the station for the train to Sendai.

Only that, I still perceived Hiraizumi beauty and sacredness. Natural and what human built are really matched 🙂

Keep going with me to my next move on my #Japan #bigtrip 😀

3 thoughts on “Hiraizumi the world heritage

  1. These Pictures are so beautiful!! Makes me wana go too.. looks like th perfect place to refresh, recoup & refind oneself!!! Feel so peaceful just looking at it!! Totally sharing this post!

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