About Mahalarp

You may say … I’m a dreamer …

Time Traveller … I’m working with the Speed of Light and enjoy holiday through the Light…

Photography is always my lovely hobby. I’m neither a professional photographer nor an artist. Just love the speed of light and the sound of shutter. 🙂

Music is the thing in this world driving my mind in every single day. 🙂

Any topic about photography, camera, music, head-fi, gadget, cat, coffee, travel, 3G & 4G or else … Let’s see & hear together 😀

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Email : dribder@gmail.com

All photographs taken by me in this site are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “About Mahalarp

  1. Hi, I am coming to Japan for a short trip. I love the pictures of Mt Fuji you took at sun rise and sun set. I would like to photograph Mt Fuji at Sunrise or sunset too. Do you know any photography tour that photographs Mt Fuji at sunrise and sunset?

    1. I haven’t tried any Fujisan photography tour yet. Only go alone or many times with my friends.

      If you already have idea or plan where do you need to go, you can ask for advice. If i really know about it, I can give you advice 🙂

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