Aka Fuji from Shakushiyama

26 July 2015

Same place, different time from previous milky way, I’m standing there on the way to Shakushiyama till morning waiting for the sun rise.

When the sun is touching the top of Fujisan then it turning red called Aka(red) Fuji, it’s one of precious moment for mountain Fuji lovers.

I can feel that it is something like the complete morning and let me move forward. Something beautiful happened in my mind leading to something pretty being happened on the day.

After a while, thin fog is covering Oshino area in Yamanashi prefecture, however, Fujisan is still there waiting for me.

I move to the place named Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Koen. The large flower park near to lake Yamanaka. During this time, Zinnias (family of Daisy) are fully bloom in the park.

They are pretty cute with Fujisan right? 😀

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