Tokyo Two Towers

During summer time, polar bear like me still enjoy shooting photos in Japan even I’m feeling so hot and dehydrated a lot. This time is the time for 2 huge constructions in the big city.

In Tokyo, two gigantic towers always remind me for two meanings.

First one is my most lovely tower … Tokyo tower, standing in the middle of Tokyo city, is ‘hopeful’.

When I have less energy or even feeling down, to look to Tokyo Tower has so meaningful for me as it can refill my power bar. If you are in blue time, try to stand under this tower, take a deep breath and look up to the top, it really helps 😀

Next tower is the new one just had the grand opening last 2 years … Tokyo Skytree, standing as the tallest tower in the world at the east side of Tokyo, is ‘future’.

This tower is colorful, bright and variety. You may not know your future what will gonna be but at least you can feel as those 3 words when you take a closer look to this tower. Colors always changed when it needs to send some messages to the people.

There is always a way for next step of my life with ‘hopeful’ and ‘future’ which these 2 towers always give it to me 😀

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