First time at the top of Honshu, Aomori

29 April – 1 May 2014

First time I reach to the top of Honshu island where is Aomori.

This period is long holiday in Japan called Golden week. Absolutely many of Japanese are moving out from Tokyo.

I arrive Aomori at almost lunch time by Hayabusa Shinkansen and actually this day I just plan to walk around the city only.

But the first day is sunny day. I’ve changed my plan to go directly to Hirosaki for Sakura. About 50 minutes by train from Aomori to Hirosaki and 15 minutes by bus in front of Hirosaki station, Big park, Strong castle and Sakura are waiting for me.

Hirosaki park and castle are number one place in Japan that people come to enjoy during Sakura blooming. Golden week might be the main reason because long holiday and Sakura meet together.

I take my whole afternoon here enjoy seeing Sakura, people and environment. This place is so beautiful and highly recommended once in your life especially during Sakura blooming.

Second day is for lake Towada where is calm and nice trekking place here in Aomori.

As travellers, bus is very good choice for this route but if you can rent a car, it would be perfect.

There are many spots on the route that you can stop by and enjoy nature overthere. My most like spot is Choshi Otaki fall. This fall must be very beautiful when fully spring and autumn arrived.

Third day is the city day. Aomori is the city with very nice landscape and buildings. City and bay view from ASPAM, the triangle building, are pretty good.

Nebuta museum also not that far from the station and it’s very interesting to see history of Aomori from the matsuri.

Having lunch and changing my place to Shin-Aomori station are to prepare to go back Tokyo. Near to this station, loop bus will bring you to Aomori art museum. This place is also a must in Aomori. Aomori Ken is waiting for you here 🙂

Time is flying very fast. 3 days in Aomori is really not enough for this beautiful city at the top of Honshu. This place should be very nice as well during autumn and I hope I will come back here again 😀

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