Shirakawago, the Snow Light-Up

25 January 2014

This trip I planned last 4 months but it’s still too late actually. All farmhouses at Shirakawago are fully booked during light up period.

Anyway, I still can find out nice place to stay in Takayama where is J-Hoppers. This place is very famous for back-packers and they also provide tour van to visit Shirakawago during light up time as well as day time.

First day I arrive Takayama with bus from Shinjuku. It is such a long riding bus with 5 and a half hour from Tokyo. Normally I always travel in Japan with train but this time is nice to have bus experience. Bus stops for short break every hour and I don’t feel that much tried on this long ride.

I still have time left before van from Takayama J-Hoppers to Shirakawago for the Gasssho village light up then I walk directly to Takayama old town. Food, people, town and environment there make me no wonder why Takayama is one of the destination travelers are heading for 🙂

Van from J-Hoppers arrives Shirakawago around 5PM then I head directly up to the view point to see the light up starting at 5:30PM. At the view point, it’s very crowded that I can’t see down there to the whole village view. I still have hope waiting for my good place for photography and how lucky I am. The best view point where normal travelers don’t have authorization to get in and blocked that place by one security guy. He allow me to get in that place finally and I can see the village light up clearly even it’s a bit too late for the sun set time 😀

On the next day, I want to see Shirakawago during day time then I book the bus again back there. While waiting for the bus, I still have time to take a walk around Takayama old town in the morning but no morning market there 😦

Back to Shirakawago, snow start to fall down and the way up to view point is close (maybe due to security reason) T T

Heavy snow come more and more in the area. And this is how Gassho village is there for long time from the past. Gassho-zukuri means “constructed like hands in prayer” and it help heavy snow falls down from the rooftop easily during winter. This is what a great ancient knowledge 🙂

Time gone by till 2PM, it’s time for me to go back to Takayama bus back to Shinjuku. I can say that Shirakawago is my lovely places. Here is a must for travelers and deserved to be the world heritage.

I will come back someday 😀

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