Matsushima with my day off

27 September 2012

It was the day to start a big long trip in Japan.
It was 1 day after I finished my job in Japan and took Shinkansen directly to Sendai … 🙂

On the first day, it was the short route to Matsushima-Kaigan to visit the place that named 1 of 3 best view point in Japan.

Surrounding areas are Fukuura, the small island where the long red bridge led to and Zuiganji temple that also got effect from Tsunami last year.

Enjoy #Japan #bigtrip with me here. There are 10 days left 😀

6 thoughts on “Matsushima with my day off

  1. cool pics. thanks. i’m sitting at my work computer in an office in small city looking at these. ah yes.

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