The Digital Instant – Polaroid Z2300 Unboxed

Today I’ve just received the box sent from B&H USA that inside contained my Polaroid Z2300 (2 colors) with 4 boxes of ZINK Paper 🙂

Tonight I will unbox the white one which I choose to bring it for my next week trip.

In the box …
– Polaroid Z2300
– Manual
– CD contained User Manual, Arcsoft Media Impression PrintCreations and Acrobat Reader softwares
– Sync cable
– Charger with many types of plug adaptor
– Wrist strap
– Battery
– and … 10 pieces of Zink paper

Surrounding Z2300 body by the following pictures

The whole body outside is plastic but it’s very beautiful instant camera one. The thing is it’s bigger than I expected (about Nikon1 V1 size).

First try with my whole camera family still not good enough shooting. Need some more learn from INSTANT 😀

6 thoughts on “The Digital Instant – Polaroid Z2300 Unboxed

    1. Which type of card are you using SD, SDHC or SDXC?

      I’ve just inserted normal SD or SDHC card into the camera and in Menu -> Setup, you can see card info whether camera can detect your card or not. Also when you are shooting, you can see media card sign on the top right of LCD.

      Better try format your card first and see 😀

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