Edogawa Hanabi – Fireworks in Tokyo 2012

4 August 2012

I’ve been to one of the biggest Hanabi in Kanto area which is in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.

Last week (28 July), also have one performed in Asakusa along Sumida river but I have no chance to join 😦

People who went to see Hanabi fireworks is about the same amount as at Asakusa that’s almost million (from 2010 info).

How lucky I am. Just walk till the place I want to put my tripod but no space on the top of the hill then the Japanese family just come in and ask me whether I need space or not … WoW!!! very thanks to them 😀

14,000 fireworks have been shot in 1 hour and I can judge that the smiling faces are all over the area.:D

Nice place because no view blocking from the buildings like in Asakusa even the fireworks are about 5000 shots lesser.

Fireworks in the summer are firing the happiness upon to the sky for everyone 😀

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