One thought on “MBT_2043

  1. (Electronics) After my Canon SD1100 broke in March, I researched for sevreal weeks for a new camera. I went to sevreal stores to feel and play with the newer Canon but was incredibly disappointed to see the lack of features offered for the prices. Before the Canon, I owned a LumixFX07 which I was very pleased with, so I decided to look again to Panasonic. After looking at the features and the lens size of the FH20 I decided to take a risk and buy it without ever seeing it in person (a first for me). I have owned this camera for about 2 months now and have used it quite often. (I am the girl in the group who always documents the events). Overall I am very pleased with the photo qualities and features. The only thing I find a little inconvenient is the white balance. I often have to play around with the different WB settings in order to get the color to look natural and not orange. Other than that I enjoy the ease of turning on the macro setting and the wide angle lens. Although it is light, it also feels sturdy and at first I was weary of the purple color, but it is not too flashy or obnoxious. I am just a hobby photographer and own a Nikon D50, but always have a pocket camera on me and so far the FH20 has performed very well.

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