Yellow Yoyogi

23 November 2010 November in Tokyo I consider the best weather and also the best view. Ginkgo Leafs start to change their color from green to be dazzling yellow or even red from the maple. In Yoyogi park, you can see a lot of happiness here 😀 I […]

Hiratsuka Tanabata

7 July 2012 I’ve been to Kanagawa for the biggest tanabata matsuri in Kanto area that is Hiratsuka Tanabata. It’s some kind like temple festival in my home country as well that I can see so many shops, children on smiling face and also a bunch of happy […]

Mother Farm in Chiba

30 April 2012 In long holiday period called ‘Golden Week’ in Japan, I visited this hugh farm in Chiba. Unfortunately, the day I went was very cloudy and no strawberry as well 😦 (It just started raining season period here and my friend already call me Ame-Otoko [Rainy […]