Moleskine – Draw with Mickey Mouse Limited edition

“It was all started by a Mouse”

Yes. It’s Mickey Mouse from Disney

Today I received the parcel from Hong Kong contained my new notebook from Moleskine.
Nowadays I often jot down or note anything on my tablet but I still love to write something on Moleskine as well.

Why? Moleskine is the notebook that you can write in every action of yours.
It always spreads out smoothly and feeling of the paper they choose is very nice.

The specialty of this limited edition is that it comes with small instruction teaching you how to draw the well-loved mouse.
Inside the cover is also full of Mickeys.

Quality control sticker is different from other editions of Moleskine as well.

The last thing to tell is the cover of the cover. I won’t leave it in the bin for sure because at the back side has each generation of Mickey Mouse drawing in each period.

Now I have 7 empty Moleskine notebooks in my hand and not so sure that when I can finished them. Anyway I still keep buying the limited edition one from this Legendary notebooks I love 😀