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7 September 2013

The day in Buenos Aires where come out announcement for the Olympic Games host in 2020.

Congratulations for Tokyo that finally get voted.

Main reason is radioactive in Fukushima now in control and actually Tokyo is in the frontrunner since starting point :)

Last night I went around Shioiri Park in Tokyo and I could collect the last color I missed from

Tonight and so on, there will be a lot of celebrations for Tokyo 2020 :D

31 August 2013

On 7 September 2013, the city that would be the host of Olympic 2020 will be announced.

Tokyo is the expected winner city for the biggest game of humanity as Olympic 2020.

Then, from now on till that date, Tokyo tower will light it up with ’2020′ sign on observation desk.

Let’s cheer up Tokyo again and I hope that on 2020, I will be here and enjoy the games :D

25 August 2013

During this period starting from today till September 7, 2013, Tokyo Skytree will light up 5 colours in a night.

This is due to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Candidate Campaign and the light up will be started normally around 6.30PM and keep changing colour till 8.00PM to be a constant golden colour.

I try to collect many light ups of this highest tower but for sure it seems impossible. This tower lighting can be changed to any campaign easily and it’s quite challenge to the photographers for light up hunting :)

The one I really need is Christmas Tree colour one last year :(

Let’s cheer up Tokyo to be the Olympic host on 2020 :D

7 October 2012

Moved to Kyoto by Thunderbird from Osaka in the next day and my first destination was Kinkaku-ji.

Kinkaku-ji, the golden pavilion, is absolutely the most famous place in Kyoto. End of 2010, I used to be here and that time it was raining :(

Now in 2012, luck was with my side. I could see the blue sky with the golden pavilion Kinkaku-ji reflected on the pond :D

After took my time walking and relax here, I went back to Kyoto station and prepared for the next day.

Next of my #Japan #bigtrip is still here. Thank you very much to accompany on my blog :D

After my office hour this evening, I saw my lovely Tokyo tower lighten up 5 colours for Japan first gold medal in Olympic 2012 (Judo). Let’s celebrate for them. :)

Also my home country, Thailand, we got the first silver medal as well. Yeah! :D


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