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31 August 2013

On 7 September 2013, the city that would be the host of Olympic 2020 will be announced.

Tokyo is the expected winner city for the biggest game of humanity as Olympic 2020.

Then, from now on till that date, Tokyo tower will light it up with ’2020′ sign on observation desk.

Let’s cheer up Tokyo again and I hope that on 2020, I will be here and enjoy the games :D

This whole week is such my tough week because I have to work at night shift.

From evening till morning, when I have a break, I just take a walk around the office taking photos and that’s to get tiring gone :)

My contract job in Japan will be end by this month and I’ve already planned for 2 week traveling around Japan.

Bad thing is this time I couldn’t see fall and winter time that I really love here …

It’s just the matter of time … Of course I will come back here again some days :D

After my office hour this evening, I saw my lovely Tokyo tower lighten up 5 colours for Japan first gold medal in Olympic 2012 (Judo). Let’s celebrate for them. :)

Also my home country, Thailand, we got the first silver medal as well. Yeah! :D

19 May 2012

Visited one of my favorite anime 18m 1:1 Gundam RX-78-2 that stand alone in front of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

It comes back again on 19th. of April 2012 after 2009 then 2010 in Shizuoka.

I’ve heard from my friend that this whole Gundam body was made in Thailand because of the quality chosen :D

At that night, walked along Tokyo bay and also saw green diamond light up on Tokyo tower. It’s beautiful as always :)


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