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18 December 2010

Kamakura is one of the most visiting place in Japan. This area is not that far from Tokyo with very nice scene and great legend during Kamakura period.

Engaku-ji Temple, Kencho-ji Temple and Kotoku-in Temple (Daibutsu) were my destinations in 1 day walking around.

Almost year end, it’s really my lovely weather period in Japan :D

11 December 2010

Last 2 years I’d been to Kawaguchiko and it was very nice weather and view.

Took the train since early morning and walked around the lake till evening that made me refresh from very busy weekdays.

October 1st. to 2nd., 2012 will be the second time to Kawaguchiko. And this time I’ve booked the hotel for one night onsen with Fujisan view overthere :)

Absolutely, I hope the weather will be nice even it’s still hot now in Japan.

See you again in next 2 weeks. My lovely Fujisan :D

4 December 2010

Woke up in early morning and directed to Tsukiji fish market on Hibiya line.

Here is the biggest fish market in Tokyo that you can see Tuna auction, fresh from the sea, lively people and of course … Sushi !!!

At that time had no fish auction so I could just walk around and wait for the sushi time come :)

28 November 2010

Took the train out of Tokyo not that far from Shinjuku to Takao that is one of the most favorite hiking place because it’s very near to Tokyo. The time I went there was very nice. Leaf start to change their color and Fuji-san can be seen from this place as well :)

I’m not good at hiking actually. Always see old Japanese guys walk forward to me :(

How old I am hahaha :D

23 November 2010

November in Tokyo I consider the best weather and also the best view.
Ginkgo Leafs start to change their color from green to be dazzling yellow or even red from the maple.

In Yoyogi park, you can see a lot of happiness here :D

I wish I could stay in Japan till the winter comes :)


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