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9 November 2013

Just another weekend and I should go some where. The destination is really unknown for me where is Semboku in Akita, Japan.

This trip is mainly for my desire that is riding on super trains, Super Komachi (Akita Shinkansen) and Hayabusa (Tohoku Shinkansen). These 2 trains are new shinkansen here in Japan and the big thing is they are very beautiful train :D

Starting with Super Komachi from Tokyo station, I decide to stop my destination at Semboku, the nearest city in Akita for Akita Shinkansen. This city actually has a lot of places to visit and 2 places I want to see where is Dakigaeri valley and Tazawa lake.

On the first day, I arrive and be ready to walk around at noon time so Dakigaeri is the first destination. Dakigaeri is a forest near by Kakunodate station and mostly people here are Japanese (I think I’m only Thai here). Autumn colors contrast with water color from the falls are very nice to see here and worth my few hours before sunset in the evening. That’s such a very good experience of my life :)

Dakigaeri valley is named from its terrain that the path is quite narrow then visitors need to holding each other while walking (Daki = to hold or to hug). Also Mikaeri waterfall inside Dakigaeri velley is named from its look that it’s so beautiful when you move your eyes out of the fall, you will need to look back to it. So sweet huh?

Second day again is the whole day raining in Semboku but at least I should go to see somewhere. Tazawako, the deepest lake in Japan is the place. Just one round circuit bus from Tazawako station, having lunch near by the lake, riding on boat trip to see surrounding lake then walk a bit further that is just my day. Raining can’t stop me for traveling. :D

Late afternoon, I come back to wait for the Super Komachi to Morioka to connect with Hayabusa there that is to complete my trip. At Tazawako station, there is a small exhibition about Korean series named IRIS. This series have been filmed in Akita so I realize that Akita is the most beautiful place in Japan or at least in every provinces I used to visit.

Autumn color and Cloudy color in this blog will remind me to come back here in Akita again :D

Almost one year since I came back from Japan … Now it’s time for new fly.

Destination is not new. :)

Japan … My beloved place. I hope I will have such a happy time in fall and winter but I need to pass the edge of summer first on next month :D

Also hope that I have more things to be shared here …

… See you there :D

20 May 2012

Cloudy day buy still want to go out!!!

Far away to Kawaguchiko station and continuing with bus just to see the small flowers scattering on the small land.

Just before deciding to go back, Fujisan came out from the cloud to say Hi!!! to me :)

This might be my last post before I go back to Thailand on October 15 because I have a very long trip starting from September 27.

One day I will come back to see them all again :D

3-6 May 2012

First date I arrived at Hakodate and suddenly got high fever (no sick for 2 years … why at Hokkaido ;( ) also raining for the whole trip (even Tomita farm had no Melon for me). :(

My sick become better when the train reached Sapporo on the next day but the weather still kept raining.

Last place for this trip made me feel more better that was Sushi in Otaru and ended up with Asahiyama Zoo (I love it :) ).

Forget about photos. This trip was not for photography hahahaha

Hokkaido … I must re-visit again :D

One comes with high performance and portability …

One comes with superior quality and speed …

Both are in very good shape …

And both are on 24-70mm f/2.8 :)

Which one will you choose? :D


Photo by my Nikon 1 V1


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