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22-23 March 2014

While I’m waiting for Sakura blooming, during nice weather & day off, it’s time for Fujisan view hunting.

Starting location is Yokosuka near to Zushi station in Kanagawa prefecture. Actually the first 3 places are not that famous for Fujisan view but I should try to see Fujisan from 360 degree. This mountain is one of the special mountain in the world that it’s look great in every angles :)

The first places is Tateishi park, a small park where you can see tiny Fujisan between the rocks. It seems like nature built it perfectly long time ago.

On the way to find breakfast and coffee, second place has been found in hiding place on the beach. It’s one of special because between the beach and Fujisan, there is an small red Torii. Japaneses know how to make their landscape looking good in everywhere even in a remote place.

Next place is not that far. It’s also one of hiding place from foreigner. Here we can see Fujisan with Enoshima island. I take quite long time here to smell the sea and see my lovely Fujisan before heading for lunch in late afternoon.

After long rest in the afternoon, I want to see sunset at the first place. But unluckily, clouds are moving to cover the whole Fujisan. This mountain always shy and try to hide itself from me in the cloud :(

At the end of the first day, I’m heading to Fujinomiya without plan for Hotel. Fujinomiya is just small town that will be easy for next day destination but all hotels are fully booked. Finally, it’s my first time to sleep in internet cafe. It’s such a nice place for night fun but not for taking a rest hahaha.

Early morning, Fumoto para is the destination. This place is the camping place near to lake Motosu. It’s the best view for this trip even just to see Fujisan from a tiny pond in the camping place.

Before lunch time, tea plantation in Shizuoka is a good idea. It’s still too early in the morning then lake Motosu is the nice place to take a coffee break with 1000 yen view.

Heading to Shizuoka tea plantation where is producing almost half of tea product in Japan. So it is one of the special place to see Fujisan with tea plant. Beautiful plant view and clear sky make my day. This weekend is so pretty :D

On the way back to Tokyo by Tomei expressway, last special location is to see Fujisan with Shinkansen. Rice farm next to Shinkansen track open for photographer who love both Fujisan and Shinkansen. Nothing more perfect than this weekend actually even it’s not at the right day to see Sakura, sunset and sunrise on Fujisan :D

I’ve put the map for this trip here in case who want to see lovely Fujisan in different way … You will love Fujisan more and more :D

8 – 9 February 2014

Last weekend in Japan before I will come back to Thailand for 2 week vacation, Snow Festival 2014 in Sapporo is my destination.
Early morning in Tokyo, snow start falling as heavy snow forecast. Luckily that my flight is still flying on time to Shin-Chitose.

65th. Snow Festival or Yuki Matsuri is very big yearly event and it’s my first time here to see.

First day after arrived Sapporo, I enjoy traveling around 3 places of the festival till late evening. The weather is quite cold here ( -10 degree celsius).

AS usual, there is a contest on snow sculpture which Thailand team resulted in the third place. The name of sculpture is ‘The Kingdom of Thailand’ :D

After enjoy the matsuri and eating around for the whole afternoon, it’s time to take a rest for tomorrow plan to Otaru. I also have to wait and check my flight back to Tokyo because the effect of heavy snow is widespread in Japan.

Back to Otaru for the second time and this time is full of snow. Food here is still very good especially the sound of orgel. Really love it :D

Heading back to Shin-Chitose, and my flight is delayed from 9PM to midnight. Finally, I can manage to arrive my place in Tokyo around 4am. Even this trip is quite tough but it’s very good experience to see Snow Festival and Hokkaido still have a lot of places for me to visit.

I really love Hokkaido :D

25 January 2014

This trip I planned last 4 months but it’s still too late actually. All farmhouses at Shirakawago are fully booked during light up period.

Anyway, I still can find out nice place to stay in Takayama where is J-Hoppers. This place is very famous for back-packers and they also provide tour van to visit Shirakawago during light up time as well as day time.

First day I arrive Takayama with bus from Shinjuku. It is such a long riding bus with 5 and a half hour from Tokyo. Normally I always travel in Japan with train but this time is nice to have bus experience. Bus stops for short break every hour and I don’t feel that much tried on this long ride.

I still have time left before van from Takayama J-Hoppers to Shirakawago for the Gasssho village light up then I walk directly to Takayama old town. Food, people, town and environment there make me no wonder why Takayama is one of the destination travelers are heading for :)

Van from J-Hoppers arrives Shirakawago around 5PM then I head directly up to the view point to see the light up starting at 5:30PM. At the view point, it’s very crowded that I can’t see down there to the whole village view. I still have hope waiting for my good place for photography and how lucky I am. The best view point where normal travelers don’t have authorization to get in and blocked that place by one security guy. He allow me to get in that place finally and I can see the village light up clearly even it’s a bit too late for the sun set time :D

On the next day, I want to see Shirakawago during day time then I book the bus again back there. While waiting for the bus, I still have time to take a walk around Takayama old town in the morning but no morning market there :(

Back to Shirakawago, snow start to fall down and the way up to view point is close (maybe due to security reason) T T

Heavy snow come more and more in the area. And this is how Gassho village is there for long time from the past. Gassho-zukuri means “constructed like hands in prayer” and it help heavy snow falls down from the rooftop easily during winter. This is what a great ancient knowledge :)

Time gone by till 2PM, it’s time for me to go back to Takayama bus back to Shinjuku. I can say that Shirakawago is my lovely places. Here is a must for travelers and deserved to be the world heritage.

I will come back someday :D

1 January 2014

Early morning I take the first train from Tokyo to Enoshima for the first sun of 2014.

First sun of the year has so meaningful for Japansese people. There are many Japaneses come to the beach near Enoshima just to see the first sun with their happiness.

So now, I already have enough energy to challenge this year and I can share to you as well :)

Happy New Year 2014 to everyone :D

7 December 2013

Time to say goodbye to autumn color this year in Japan.

After this week, leafs will soon disappear from their trees and real winter is already coming.

Last weekend I just take a rest from every week traveling for autumn color in November by walk slowly in some Tokyo parks. Koishikawa Korakuen, one of the most beautiful park in Tokyo, Yoyogi park and Ueno park are my peaceful week destinations.

December is a month of happiness. Wish everyone have a very good time in this month and after new year, life must go on again :D

PS. My Adobe Lightroom 5.2 still can’t read .NEF from Nikon Df. I have to modify exif data to Nikon D4 instead :P


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